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I'm new

[:]Name: Ember
[:]Age: 18
[:]Location: Nova Scotia Canada
[:]Birthdate: Feb 10, 1987
[:]Height: 5'2
[:]Likes: chocolate, candy, lj, friends, makeup, sun, tanning & lots more
[:]Dislikes: stinky stuff, my family, mean people
[:]Been a fan since: a few years but nothing hardcore
[:]What you like about Jessica or Ashlee: I love Jessica cause she's so real and you can just feel like your friends with her just watching Newlyweds
[:]What do you post in your journal? Lots of stuff. I whore lj.
[:]Who you'd like to meet: Lots of people but mostly Jessica Simspon, Gwen Stefani, Reese Witherspoon & John Travolta [and Shawn Desman :)]
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