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im new

[:]Name: steph
[:]Age: 21
[:]Location: minnesota
[:]Birthdate: 11.07.1983
[:]Height: 5'5"
[:]Likes: writing, art, music, the color pink, shopping, crime shows, coffee
[:]Dislikes: rude people, arrogance, liars, hateful people, racists, homophobia
[:]Been a fan since: 99
[:]What you like about Jessica or Ashlee: I like jessica because she's real, she is pure in what she stands for, she's silly and can laugh at herself, which is think is really cool. If i had a daughter, i'd rather have her admire jessica than most other female celebs who think it's cool to use drugs, party, and wear clothes that make them look trashy, I also admire her for waiting until she was married to be intimate with someone. I first noticed ashlee on 7th heaven, i also like her sense of style, and her ability to take the bad with the good.
[:]What do you post in your journal? everything, i've been sick since may so it's been talking about my fustrations with dr's, medication, and being sick. But i mostly lj-cut that to let people skip over the "sad" stuff if they want.
[:]Who you'd like to meet: Anyone who's outgoing, open minded, and likes to have fun, i like people who don't take themselves so seriously, i've been through a lot so i like to try and be as happy as i can.
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